Plans, Vision, & Goals

Our Vision Statement

  • Support existing businesses
  • Encourage new businesses and compatible future economic development
  • Maintain low and affordable tax rates.  

The goal of Orrington’s Economic Development Program is to be a prompt, efficient, and valuable resource for businesses in and looking to come to Orrington.

Our streamlined review process of business permitting needs means you won’t have to deal with the concerns of red tape and process delays found in other cities and towns.

Orrington’s Economic Development Program is the responsibility of the Town’s Elected Officials, the Selectmen, and consists of five elements:

1. Business Retention

2. Business Attraction

3. Community Preparedness For Economic Development

4. Grant Identification

5. Grant Writing

Selectmens’ Economic Advisory Committee

The Selectmen’s Economic Advisory Committee (SEAC) was formed to implement this goal and to formulate an Economic Development Strategy to foster and guide commercial growth in the community.

The Selectmen are aided in this work by the various Municipal Departments and Planning Board and guided by the recommendations of the Selectmen’s Economic Advisory Committee.

The Selectmen’s Economic Advisory Committee is staffed by concerned residents and professionals with experience in real estate, banking, and industry. 

Strategic Economic Development Plan

In 2002, a comprehensive plan was developed with input from residents at public hearings.

This plan identified viable strategies, an action plan, and resources for implementation.

The Comprehensive Plan identified the area between Brewer Lake Road and Elm Street in Brewer as an industrial growth area.  With this goal in mind, SEAC has been working with Brewer officials on an innovative concept for a cross-border business park that will enable Orrington to attract commercial and industrial business, and utilize Brewer’s municipal infrastructure and access from I-395.